About Us

The SF6 & Alternatives Coalition is an industry organization for discussion of SF6 and alternative insulation technologies as used in electric transmission and distribution equipment, as well as a forum for industry interaction with public officials surrounding emissions reporting and reduction regulations.

The Coalition’s mission is:

  • To provide a forum for equipment manufacturers using SF6, SF6 producers and distributors, and transmission and distribution equipment owners for discussion of environmental concerns of SF6 as a greenhouse gas
  • To increase awareness of lower climate impact substitute gases for SF6 and/or alternative technologies that minimize impact on public health and the environment;
  • To develop best practices and recommendations related to sustainable SF6 usage in electric power transmission and distribution
  • To advocate the Coalition positions to federal, state, and local policymakers
  • To maintain liaisons with government and industry groups such as U.S. EPA, IEEE, EEI, IEC, CIGRE, and EPRI

Coalition membership includes representatives of several stakeholder groups:  electrical T&D equipment manufacturers, insulating gas producers and distributors, electric utilities, and industry-related service companies.