Standards and Technical Activity

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 

  • Technical Report PES-TR64 – Impact of Alternate Gases on Existing IEEE Standards (2018)   
    Scope: This document summarizes the state of the art in 2018 including technical considerations, toxicity, cost and availability of SF6 alternatives and the contemporary environmental / regulatory situation.  IEEE switchgear and substation standards are reviewed in the context of SF6 alternatives. 
  • PC37.100.7 – Guide for the evaluation of performance characteristics of non-Sulfur Hexafluoride insulation and arc quenching media for switchgear rated above 1000 V (2022, estimated).  
    Scope: The guide reviews existing standards and performance criteria for switchgear rated above 1000 V.  Each aspect of performance is discussed within the context of Sulfur Hexafluoride alternatives, how their behavior may differ from existing technologies and how this behavior may lead to changes in the qualification process.   
  • PC37.122.10 Guide for Handling Non-Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gas Mixtures for High Voltage Equipment (2023, estimated).  
    Scope: This guide describes the on-site handling of non-SF6 gases and their gas mixtures used in electric power equipment.  This includes gas mixing, filling, analysis, recovery, reclamation, and recycling.  
  • PC37.122.3 – Guide for Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gas Handling for High-Voltage (over 1000VAC) Equipment (2011). Estimated updated in 2022.
    Scope: The purpose of this guide is to provide state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to minimize SF6 gas emission to a minimum functional level for the electric power equipment to preserve the environment.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 

  • 62271-4 (revision) Handling Procedures for Gases and Gas Mixtures for Insulation and/or Switching (2020).  
    Scope: This part of IEC 62271 applies to the procedures for handling of gases and gas mixtures for insulation and/or switching during installation, commissioning, repair, overhaul, normal and abnormal operations and disposal at the endoflife of highvoltage switchgear and controlgear. 

International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) 

  • Technical Brochure 589The Impact of the Application of Vacuum Switchgear at Transmission Voltages (2014)An analysis of the viability of vacuum technology in high-voltage applications. 
  • Technical Brochure 730Dry Air, N2, CO2 and N2/SF6 Mixtures for Gas Insulated Systems (2018) Provides the latest information on basic and practical properties of the potential gas-insulated systems using dry air, N2, CO2 and N2/SF6 mixtures. 
  • Technical Brochure 802Application of Non-SF6 Gases or Gas Mixtures in Medium and High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (2020).  Describes the needs for adaptations or new requirements for the safe, reliable and sustainable application of non-SF6 gases and gas mixtures in gas-insulated switchgear.  
  • Working Group D1.67Dielectric Performance of New Non-SF6 Gases and Gas Mixtures for Gas Insulated Systems (2021, estimated).   
  • Working Group A3.41Interrupting and Switching Performance with SF6 Free Switching Equipment (2021, estimated).   
  • Working Group B3-A3.59 – Guidelines for SF6 End-of-Life Treatment for T&D Equipment in Substations (2024, estimated).

SF6 & Alternatives Coalition 

  • Considerations for Planning an SF6 Phase-Out (2020).  Recommendations for decision-makers on how to plan for a system-wide or market-wide phase-out of SF6. 
  • Alternative Insulation Technologies (2019)An overview of the alternative insulating gases on the market and how they compare with SF6 in certain performance criteria. 
  • Advantages of Shipping Gas-Insulated Equipment with Dry Air (2019).  A best practices guide for OEMs to reduce cost and facilitate customer tracking/reporting of SF6 emissions. 
  • SF6 Reporting Challenges (2016).  An explanation of how use of GIE nameplate for emissions tracking can lead to erroneous calculations. 
  • Nameplate Adjustment (2016).  Recommended processes to support accurate reporting of SF6 emissions.

Other Associations  

T&D Europe Manufacturing AssociationWG Gases for Switchgear 

  • Technical Report on Alternative to SF6 Gas in Medium Voltage & High Voltage Electrical Equipment (2020).  An overview of the European region, covering present and emerging technologies by applications, as well as opportunities, limitations and drawbacks. 
  • Technical Guide to Validate Alternative Gas For SF6 In Electrical Equipment (2017).  A guide to provide manufacturers of electrical equipment with a method to validate a new alternative gas to SF6.  
  • T&D Europe Position Paper on SF6 and SF6 Alternative Technologies (2020).
    T&D Europe supports a clear regulatory framework at European level enabling a reliable longterm planning basis for all stakeholders. 

German ZVEI – WG SF6 & Alternative Gases 

  • Scenario for Reducing SF6 Operating Emissions from Electrical Equipment through the Sse of Alternative Insulating Gases (2020)An anaysis of the effects of sticking with SF6 technology and introducing alternative technologies in medium and high voltage. 
  • SF6 in der Energietechnik (2020).  Explores the use of SF6 in energy technologies (available only in German). 

Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology 

  • Project Impact Assessment of F-gas Free Medium Voltage GIS applications (2020).  A study that analyzes the use of the potent greenhouse gas SF6 and of F-gas free alternatives in medium voltage grids. 

University of Antwerp 

  • Replacing SF6 in Electrical Gas-Insulated Switchgear: Technological Alternatives and Potential Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Savings in an EU-28 Perspective (2020).  Projects a carbon footprint reduction of (median) 14 Mt of CO2e across the EU-28 over 50 years based on a phase-out starting from 2020.  

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